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Political mobilizations and social networks: Arab Spring and NoTAV

Social Media and Social Mobilizations: Mediating Revolution and Resistance in the Arab World (SISP Congress)

The Arab world has experienced in the past months an awakening of free expression that is helping breaking down the stranglehold of state power and state-sponsored media and information monopolies in several countries. After Tunisia and Egypt, from Morocco to Bahrain, the Arab world is now witnessing increasing citizens’ engagement in the streets and on the internet. Social networks contribute to inform, coordinate, organize, mobilize, create communities; they also increase transparency, and seek to hold governments accountable as web sites, blogs, online videos, and other digital platforms can quickly become tools for freedom of association, and access to information.

Political Participation and Social Movements Section (Lorenzo Mosca, University of Rome 3) and Political Communication Section (Claudia Padovani, University of Padova) of Italian Political Science Society (SISP) jointly organize the Panel Social Media and Social Mobilizations: Mediating Revolution and Resistance in the Arab World in the XXV SISP Congress, September, 9-11, Palermo (IT). Give a look about the Papers will be discussed in the two Sessions of the Panel (here).

Strategie di mobilitazione, giochi linguistici e sospetti di censura: Twitter, NoTAV e… #saldi il 3 Luglio 2011 

Two links (in italian) to know how Twitter was actively and critically used during the mobilization in Susa Valley against the works for HIgh Speed Trains (TAV) on July, 03. Very interesting… Read and watch here: Susa as Sherwood and Hijack an hashtag (from: Many activists denounce some similarities in the “censorship” by Twitter in the mobilization in Susa Valley in July and in the mobilization in Barcelona in June. See for example: Censura #parlamentcamp and NoTav e il sospetto di censura.

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